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DotConnect for Dynamics CRM

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Dynamics CRM data access provider for .NET applications

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updated on October 18, 2021
DotConnect for Dynamics CRM
Price: $299.95
Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management solution created by Microsoft. dotConnect for Dynamics CRM is a set of components created for .NET developers, to help them connect their applications to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and work with data in the same way, as if they were connected to a database.

Connection to Dynamics CRM is possible from the Visual Studio Server Explorer or directly from the code. In order to establish a successful connection, all there is needed, is to set the data source to Dynamics CRM and provide a Host, User Id and Password. After the connection has been established, all the communication between the application and data source is achieved by using SQL statements, thus eliminating the need for any Dynamics CRM API knowledge.

There are no imposed limitations when using SQL statements (inserting, retrieving, updating or deleting the data is supported), and even more sophisticated SQL statements can be used. A support for binding data grids and similar components to dotConnect for Dynamics CRM by using smart tags, is also available.

You do not have to write SQL statements manually, as there is visual Query Builder included. Additionally, besides support for ADO.NET interface, there is also added support for enhanced Entity Framework interface, and it does not end here, as there is also visual designer for ORM models included within the package. If you experience any difficulties or need help getting started using the components, a detailed documentation is also available.
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• 30-day trial period

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